Rules and Regulations


(i) Ordinary membership of the Society shall be open to those who engage in, or have a special interest in the manufacture, marketing, distribution and fitting of insulation materials. An application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by members of the association and shall be admitted by a majority vote of the IAONZ.

Full ordinary membership shall be defined as the highest legal entity that an applying organisation belongs to: Licensor, Franchisor,    Co-operative, Marketing group, Distribution chain. Joint Venture, Company, Registered Trust, Incorporated Society, Sole Trader or similar.

Sub membership shall be defined as licensee, franchisee, JV partner, member company of a co-operative, marketing group or distribution chain or similar. Sub membership will not have voting rights.

Associate membership: The committee may nominate or accept applications for associate non fee paying members. Nominations / applications for associate membership shall not be accepted if the proposed member meets the criteria for financial membership as outlined above.

Honorary members are those that do not fit any of the above. Neither honorary members nor associate members are financial members and therefore neither has voting rights.

The committee shall retain the right to determine actual class of member.

Cessation of Membership

(i) Any member may at any time, by notice in writing to the IAONZ, resign their membership, but without prejudice to their liability to pay any dues owed by them at the date of their resignation.

(ii) If, in the opinion of the IAONZ a member is guilty of misconduct, then the IAONZ may resolve that the member shall cease to be a member, provided that:
(a) Not less than two-thirds of the members votes in favour of the resolution.
(b) Not less than twenty-one days before such a resolution is proposed, notice is given in writing to all the member ( electronically ) specifying the conduct alleged, and an opportunity is afforded him/her of offering an explanation.

(iii) Membership shall cease on expiry of Member on Leave status.

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