The primary role of the IAONZ is:

  • Create an agreed standard of quality for product and installation in accordance with the NZ Building Code and AS/NZ Standards.
  • Training installers and ensuring quality delivery for their customers
  • Work with Government and Industry to develop the industry

IAONZ Background

  • IAONZ was set up in 2009 to provide the industry with an advocate for quality of installation, training and product, especially for the Government’s Warm-Up New Zealand retrofit programme.
  • IAONZ now represents a far wider range of organisations than those just involved in the retrofit insulation market.
  • We are very concerned about ensuring our members install insulation correctly as it has a major impact on the house. Insulation may only be 5% of the cost but it has a huge impact on the comfort of a home. 
  • IAONZ has members the full length of New Zealand – there are approx. 4,000 people working for our members
  • Since 2009 IAONZ has trained over 2,000 insulation installers through our training courses.

IAONZ Certificate of Incorporation

The IAONZ Quality Triangle Logo

The Quality Triangle is at the core of IAONZ and has guided the organizations principal and strategy. The triangle has three pillars; 

  • Quality Product
  • Quality Training
  • Quality Installation

All three of these aspects need to be satisfied in order to maintain the Associations goals which is an industry built on, and driven by, quality; if any one aspect is missing, the outcome will not be acceptable.