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In order to become a member of IAONZ you must register your company and pay the annual company membership fee.

You may then enrol for and complete the Association Training Program.

Annual Company Membership Fees: IAONZ has a tiered membership fee based on company turnover and locations throughout New Zealand. Send us an email to enquire about your company

All prices are excluding GST and are subject to change.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • IAONZ will lobby the government and other key industry influencers; acting as an industry voice, speaking on behalf of its members

  • As an employer, you are committing your support to improving the quality of the service provided by the insulation industry

  • As an IAONZ member you are eligible to enrol your staff in the IAONZ training programme

  • As an employer you are committing your support to improving the quality of the service provided by your employees; by enrolling them in the association training programme

  • EECA, as administrator of government funding for insulation, supports the establishment of IAONZ and training standards

  • As a member of the IAONZ you will be able to market your business as one that has been founded on the principals of quality

  • As an employer, by enrolling your employees in the association training programme, you are providing a career path for them; you are validating their knowledge and experience and investing in their future in the industry

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Membership Code of Conduct & Ethics

The Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ) is an incorporated society. We have a degree of responsibility to the public in ensuring good conduct in our industry.

As such, members must acknowledge a duty of care towards their clients and the public, ensuring delivery of high-quality advice, services and products. Members must also not

engage in any conduct which is detrimental to the interests or reputation of IAONZ. We strongly encourage members to share their knowledge with the public, to help advance IAONZ

association purposes.


Each member of the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ) is dedicated to deliver the agreed standard of quality for product and installation in accordance with the NZ Building Code and relevant AS/ANZ Standards for residential and commercial insulation.

As such, each member commits themselves to:

  • Providing insulation products that meet standards;
  • Install insulation products and systems in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code and relevant standards including NZS 4246:2016 ‘Energy Efficiency – Installing bulk thermal insulation in residential buildings’ (and any amendments);
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments and knowledge in the insulation field through training courses, self-development and relevant technical information.
  • Highlight energy efficient products and methods to clients, thereby seeking to motivate the selection and use of such products and methods;
  • Informing clients openly about costs and opportunities for savings;
  • Offering clients opportunities for quality assurance if required;
  • Immediately disclose any conflict of interest to the client, where a conflict exists, arises or may potentially arise;
  • Act in a professional manner in their dealings with other industry professionals, other members of IAONZ and IAONZ representatives and Executive committee members;
  • Deliver their services in a safe manner and ensure a health and safety policy exists to protect all employee’s;
  • Not engage in any conduct which is detrimental to the interests or reputation of IAONZ or the insulation industry
  • To take such measures and to make such representations as deemed necessary in the best interests of the public, the members, and the industry.
  • Not act in a manner that will breach New Zealand’s Anti-Competition laws, in particular it must not collude on pricing or unfair market controls
  • Adhering to the IAONZ Constitution and Code of Ethics