Interest free loans from banks for installing insulation or heating

Many banks offer low or zero interest home loan top ups for ceiling and underfloor insulation, heat pumps and ventilation.

These loans allow homeowners to save on doctors bills, sick leave, mould and have a warmer healthier family today. For landlords, it provides the opportunity to make your property compliant with the Residential Tenancy Act with insulation, heat pumps and ventilation.


ANZ Bank New Zealand has announced $100 million in interest-free loans to help Kiwis insulate their homes. ANZ said the bank would make available to its home loan customers interest free loans to help cover insulating their houses. “Cold, damp and mouldy homes are a major problem in New Zealand, resulting in many health problems, expensive energy bills and degradation of properties," said an ANZ spokesperson.

The interest-free loans will be available to ANZ customers who currently have home loans. The loans will be repayable over a maximum of four years and be for a maximum of $5000 per house for up to two houses. They will be available to home owners and landlords who use registered builders and certified insulation installers.


A Westpac Warm Up loan is available to people living in their own homes and to landlords. You can use it for any mix of insulation, eligible heat pumps, double glazing, ventilation, wood burners, electric vehicle chargers, solar power systems and batteries for storing power from solar (or other sources).

Professional installation : A professional installer must fit the items. If you apply for a Westpac Warm Up loan, you'll need to show a quote that is less than 90 days old to obtain a pre-approval from us.