The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC)

The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) is a non-profit membership organisation that promotes better buildings, because better buildings mean healthier, happier people.

The green building movement is growing. Thousands of better buildings are being constructed, backed by billions of dollars, providing healthier and happier workplaces and homes for thousands of Kiwis.

They work in partnership with our membership organisations, a group of progressive businesses from all aspects of the building and property industry, with an aim to accelerate the development and adoption of market-based green building practices. Active participation in the NZGBC can lead to business relationships and new opportunities for your organisation.

With a stable membership of over 500 organisations, the NZGBC enjoys the support of some of the most influential companies in the New Zealand property and construction sector.

Buildings that are designed to be good for people, and to have a lower impact on the environment, deliver many benefits – both to their occupants and to the wider community.

The global movement to promote green building arose from a recognition of these benefits, as well as the realisation that common industry practice often wasn’t delivering buildings that were as healthy and efficient as they should be.

IAONZ also believes our homes and buildings must be healthy and warm places for us to live and work. IAONZ is a member of the Green Building Council and we are working towards a future that embraces energy efficiency and fantastic buildings for all New Zealanders.