New HHGA standards released

  • 2 March 2019

New Healthy Homes Guarantee's Act standards released.

On the 24th Feb 2019 the Ministry for Urban Housing and Development released the new Healthy Homes Guarantee's Act requirements for insulation in rental properties. 

We have copied the main changes for you to read here, plus there are links to a handy question and answer booklet. 

What is the insulation standard?

The insulation standard requires insulation in a rental property to be up to a standard equivalent to the 2008 building code standard for both ceiling and underfloor insulation. Existing ceiling insulation must be at least 120mm thick. All insulation in a rental home will have to be in a reasonable condition.

Do I need to meet the 2016 RTA insulation requirements now that there are new healthy home standards?

Yes, the 2016 RTA insulation requirements will continue after 1 July 2019. Ceiling and underfloor insulation is compulsory in all rental homes from 1 July 2019. For more information on the 2016 insulation requirements see After 1 July 2021 the minimum allowable ceiling insulation will increase, this means a new group of homes that did not have to install insulation under the 2016 RTA requirements will have to 'top up' their insulation. Insulation installed to meet the 2016 requirements, for installs after 1 July 2016, will continue to meet the higher requirements under the healthy homes standards as long as it remains in a reasonable condition.

My home had enough insulation to meet the 2016 RTA requirements, will my home need more insulation under the healthy home standards?

The healthy homes standards increase the minimum level of existing ceiling insulation from 70mm to 120mm thick. If a rental home has less than 120mm of insulation in the ceiling space or the insulation is not in reasonable condition, then the home requires an insulation 'top up' within 90 days of a new or renewed tenancy that starts after 1 July 2021.

What if I have or am in the process of installing insulation to meet the 2016 RTA requirements?

Providing that any new insulation installed to meet the 2016 requirements remains in a reasonable condition, there are no further insulation requirements under the healthy homes standards. However, if no work was done to meet the 2016 requirements, you may still have to retrofit your insulation to bring it up to the healthy homes insulation standard. If any insulation is installed from now, it should meet the healthy homes standards, the standard requirement for new building work is equivalent to new installations made after 2016.

I installed new insulation in my rental property to meet the requirements introduced in July 2016, am I covered under the healthy homes standards?

The level of insulation required under the healthy homes standards is the same as new installs made in rental homes after July 2016. This standard is the same as the 2008 building code insulation requirement for ceilings and under floors. However, even if you did install it recently, it is still advised that a landlord inspect the insulation to confirm it is still in a reasonable condition. A landlord will now have to keep records which will show that they comply with the standards.

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